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Virtual Office

Virtual Office

Compliance with the formalities necessary to enter the market in our region is the effort, time-consuming.Without local support and professional advice the process can discourage you and cost you a lot of money.“Euro Advisors” Ltd.  maintains close working relationships with key audit, legal and consulting firms. As a trusted partner, we apply their practical knowledge to successfully finalize the administrative aspects of your feet on the market. services  “Euro Advisors” Ltd.  allows customers flexibility as to when exactly will enter the market and how to act. modern communication combined with professional services, means that  “Euro Advisors” Ltd  can provide its clients with everything needed to create and use virtual office. Services range from personal business address, fax and telephone lines to Internet services that can be used on business cards, header letterhead and other marketing materials. Customers of the  “Euro Advisors’ Ltd.  enjoy all the advantages of having a fully functioning office without having to leave the place where they are now.

Here are some key advantages:

Forward phone messages

    • Trust telephone number: professional administrator accepts calls from the company name and forward the message accordingly.
    • General phone number the call is accepted by the office on behalf of the  “Euro Advisors” LTD  and the message is forwarded in accordance with explicit instructions.

Fax Forward

    • Trust fax number: Fax received the trust line that our clients are collected and then forwarded accordingly.
    • Total number Fax: fax received the trust line available to our customers is collected, respectively, and then be forwarded according to explicit instructions.

Mail forwarding


    • Trust Address: Provide a personal mailing address and mail is collected from the box regularly, then forwarded according to explicit instructions.
    • General address: mail to receive a common mailing address, then forwarded according to explicit instructions.


  • Internet services also provide office services, also offer Internet services.
  • Office / conference room for your business meetings.
  • Office / conference room for your business training.
  • We offer a technical solution for videoconferencing. The use of such systems helps to optimize the costs associated with transport, logistics and business travel, and increased time efficiency.
  • Rental car reservations for hotels, restaurants and flights.
  • Intelligent, sensitive and efficient business approach of the 21st century.
  • Bulgarian





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