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Property insurance

Property insurance  protects your home, covering the risks of fire, earthquake, theft or other malicious actions.

Insurance can be concluded from both natural and legal persons covered by insurance is their property. Type of insured property may be both residential buildings and buildings for business purposes, a special type of buildings and adjacent property fences, gates, outdoor playgrounds, swimming pools and more. Protection that provides property insurance are:


  • Fire, lightning, explosion, impact by aircraft or from falling objects and parts;
  • Natural disasters – storms, hurricanes, damage from falling branches and trees, heavy rain, flooding by a natural disaster, damage caused by the weight of natural accumulation of snow or ice action of groundwater or sea waves, landslides and collapse of layers, hail, avalanches;
  • Accidents (including rupture of plumbing, sewage, heating and air conditioning systems, short circuit and blow from the vehicle)
  • Earthquake;
  • Burglary, theft, using technical means, robbery, vandalism (including fire and malicious malicious explosion)
  • Loss of rental income, costs of alternative accommodation, costs of clearing debris;
  • Liability for damages to third parties;
  • Accidental breakage of glass and windows;
  • Bulgarian





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